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Autoimmune Disease Treatment Options and Services

Valhalla Wellness

There are countless autoimmune disease treatment options available, but how can patients figure out the ideal choice for their needs?

Treatments for autoimmune diseases are crucial for the patients suffering from these disorders. Symptoms can range from frustrating and inconvenient to potentially life-threatening. Autoimmune diseases develop when a person’s immune system identifies the healthy cells in their body as foreign. If you have an autoimmune disorder, the immune system, which defends your body from disease, attacks healthy cells. These illnesses can affect single or multiple types of body tissue, and they can actually lead to changes in organ function.

There is a considerable number of autoimmune diseases (there are at least 80 types, in fact), and many of them produce similar symptoms, thus making a diagnosis difficult.

As serious as these illnesses can be, some treatments can help with many of the issues associated with this type of disorder. Many of these treatment approaches are similar in that their focus is on addressing the symptoms and complications that arise as a result of autoimmune disease. The ideal treatment does more than treat symptoms, however. A functional approach to healing can achieve much more, as it emphasizes long-term resolutions.

At the forefront is a focus on improving the overall health of the body. The goal of this treatment as provided by Valhalla Wellness is to achieve a healthier body through a multifaceted approach to healing on a cellular level. This, combined with a healthier diet and lifestyle, can lead to a body that is not only stronger but also much more capable of healing itself.

What Do Autoimmune Disease Sufferers Feel?

Autoimmune diseases can take a heavy toll on your quality of life. The symptoms, which range from inconvenient frustrations to very serious ailments, can spill over into every aspect of your life. There is a wide variety of them, given the vast quantity of different autoimmune diseases. However, some of the most common symptoms are fever, constipation, fatigue and a general lack of well-being. Organs and tissues typically affected by autoimmune diseases include red blood cells, muscles, joints, blood vessels, skin and endocrine glands.

There are no limits on the impact of autoimmune disorders. This also includes the heavy mental impact patients sometimes endure. The constant lack of energy can chip away at a person’s mindset, in addition to making even the simplest tasks seem much more challenging. It becomes difficult to get excited or motivated about anything. This can put a strain on a person’s relationships, on top of the psychological trouble the patient is trying to handle. Depression among sufferers can be quite severe, sometimes even leading to suicidal thoughts.

How Are Autoimmune Disorders Typically Treated?

Curing this chronic illness is not possible. As such, treatment of autoimmune diseases usually revolves around decreasing symptoms and exercising some level of control over the illness. Lifestyle adjustments (such as resting more, avoiding stressful situations, etc.) can decrease the likelihood of flare-ups. Beyond that, healthier habits can cut down on the frequency and severity of symptoms. As for medical techniques, they tend to be on an ‘as needed’ basis, and can include:

  • Blood transfusions in cases where the disease has affected blood
  • Anti-inflammatory medication, for afflicted joints
  • Immunosuppressive medication
  • Pain medicineHormone replacement therapy

Valhalla Wellness’ Approach to Autoimmune Disease Treatment

Our treatment program begins with addressing your symptoms to keep them under control. We will also seek to understand the underlying causes through our functional approach to healing. Lab work helps us zero in on whatever contributing factors might be present. We will use that information, coupled with your health status and genetics, to formulate a treatment plan designed for your specific needs.

As our patient, you’ll benefit from the varied, multidisciplinary nature of our staff. Our team includes a family medicine doctor, a naturopathic physician and a chiropractic physician. Our staff will guide you in making the lifestyle adjustments that can contribute to healing on a cellular level. These changes include a specially formulated diet and supplementation with vitamins, minerals and herbal remedies. The physical therapy we offer features an arsenal of unique approaches and strengthening exercises, as well as help from a massage therapist.

We will target your specific areas of need, which can include detoxification (a common need with autoimmune diseases) and cutting-edge therapeutic technology. In-house therapies are an important aspect of our treatment plans, as they facilitate the healing process. These innovative therapies include whole body vibration, concentrated oxygen and an infrared sauna.

Our autoimmune disease treatment also involves pulsed electromagnetic frequency (PEMF) therapy. The FDA approves this method to aid in bone regrowth as well as with alleviating the symptoms of depression. It is non-invasive, yet still penetrates the entire body with pulses that we can control. You’ll barely feel anything, but the therapy will still serve to heal your body’s cells and “recharge your batteries.” This contributes to a better sense of well-being and the improvement of fatigue-related symptoms.

Looking to Feel Better? Choose a Better Treatment Program

Treatment for autoimmune diseases often includes medications designed to suppress the immune system. While this might seem like a necessary measure given the nature of autoimmune disorders, our approach leans more heavily on strengthening.

Overall, we aim to optimize your body’s capacity for healing. The functional healing methods we adopt center on improving your overall health and seeking out resolutions that extend beyond the short-term. Wellness increases, beginning with healing on a cellular level. Eventually, as your health improves, you might find yourself relying on fewer medications than you ever thought possible. Once we achieve functional healing, you’ll see symptoms beginning to resolve themselves.

Autoimmune diseases can make life unbearable for the patients suffering from them. Luckily, there are treatment options available for those willing to work toward getting better. If you’re ready to do whatever it takes to beat your illness, call us for a consultation today and find out if you’re the right match for Valhalla Wellness.