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Diabetes Services

Even if relief from the symptoms of diabetes seems out of reach, there are ways to identify and treat the underlying issues-and even put into remission-this debilitating illness.

Valhalla Wellness

If you’ve been living with diabetes, you’re familiar with the strain this disease can put on every single aspect of your life. The people who come to us for help have suffered through symptoms that only seem to grow worse over time. These include lack of energy and libido, depression, hand numbness, leg pain and vision loss.

The harmful impact of diabetes multiplies when you consider just how common it is. Nearly thirty million Americans are living with it today, and millions more are diabetic without even being aware of it!

Over time, diabetes that isn’t managed properly (or at all) will bring about even more serious side effects, including kidney disease, heart problems and even blindness. With the right treatment, you can avoid serious complications like these. If you choose a program with a functional focus on healing your body on a cellular level, you can lessen the impact of symptoms and even reverse the disease entirely. However, this is only possible if you’re willing to make the necessary lifestyle changes.

Valhalla Wellness’ Diabetes Programs

Your medical doctor might prescribe medications designed to ease your diabetes symptoms, which is part of what we do as well. The main difference is apparent in our combination of multiple approaches; we will apply a “quick fix,” a temporary solution intended to help you in the short-term, while we also take a long-term healing approach.

Although we’re always going to strive to help you manage the discomfort caused by your illness, the focus is not on chasing symptoms. Instead, we look to improve your overall health by finding long-term solutions that will elevate your quality of life. By identifying and addressing the underlying problems, we can strengthen your body and optimize its ability to heal itself.

Our approach to treating diabetes involves lab work that we use to examine the illness’s contributing factors. We base the plan we put together for you on your specific health status and genetics, and we conduct tests to make sure the program fits your needs. We’ll perform additional checks over the course of your treatment as well. It is important that we ensure the numbers are moving in the right direction (and monitor sugar levels) so we can make adjustments as needed.

We’ll work with you to help you make the necessary changes to your lifestyle. We will also spend time educating you on the proper ways to exercise for ideal results. Our therapeutic herbal, vitamin and mineral combinations will supplement your nutritional needs. All these methods contribute to the ultimate goal — developing the strength your body needs to accelerate its healing.

You’ll be watching your diet, but our focus isn’t on a restriction of calories. Instead, it is about eliminating the foods that cause insulin spikes. Sugary, unhealthy food is a no-no, and there is a heavy emphasis on vegetables and protein. This ties into the healthier lifestyle needed for our program to achieve maximum effect.

At Valhalla Wellness, we strive to help your body reach levels of health that allow you to live independently of the prescribed medications you currently use for your symptoms. Traditional doctors might say that you’ll need them for the rest of your life, but we can change that. We’ll coordinate with your medical doctor to wean you off the medications as your body’s overall strength and wellness improve.

Other Complications Can Go Hand in Hand with Diabetes…and Valhalla Wellness Can Help

Diabetes is an illness that tends to come along with a multitude of additional health issues. Often, these complications link to one another. Therefore, if we take the right steps to address the underlying problem, most (if not all) of the other problems will also resolve. Medication geared toward the symptoms of diabetes might ease some of the discomfort caused by the disease, but the other issues will still be there. Those symptoms might require their own prescriptions, and in many instances, a patient will find that they have to stay on them for an extended period (if not for the rest of their life) in spite of the potential side effects.

Luckily, Valhalla Wellness’ functional approach to healing focuses on treating the underlying causes, not the symptoms we see on the surface. For example, instead of directly addressing the need for weight loss, the cause resolves and the body becomes stronger, which leads to weight loss as a side effect.

With this type of approach, it might be possible to reverse diabetes — in addition to the other issues connected to it. These complications, all of which respond to a functional medical approach, include:

  • Being overweight
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Lethargy

Our Diabetes Treatment Plans Cater to You, Taking Your Needs into Account

For diabetes patients, a common theme is a special diet that focuses on anti-inflammatory benefits and cellular healing. For patients with specific dietary needs or unique health statuses, we will make adjustments as needed. We customize our plans based on blood work, as well as your genetics.

Much of our focus is on diet and lifestyle; however, for patients suffering from side effects related to neuropathy, we have other options. We can provide treatments geared toward relief of the tingling and pain you might be experiencing. Neurostimulation technology will regenerate, stimulate and regrow damaged nerves while also improving circulation. We even use herbal body wraps for localized, accelerated healing in afflicted limbs.

Don’t Settle for a Lifetime of Medication and Side Effects. Give Your Body the Ability to Beat Diabetes for Good

Our staff includes a traditional family doctor as well as naturopathic and chiropractic physicians, so we will always be ready for whatever your health needs might be. Diabetes treatment is a long-term program, and it’s not one that we will begin without first taking the necessary steps to prepare.

If you’re the right fit for our clinic, and willing to make the lifestyle changes needed for a full commitment to the program, we will conduct in-house testing and a blood-draw before proceeding further. Another appointment will give us the chance to go over your results together, and then we’ll come up with a plan based on your health status and needs.

Call us today for a consultation, and get started on the path to beating diabetes!

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