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Neuropathy Services

Some options can ease the symptoms of people in need of neuropathy treatment services, but there are actually ways to reverse this disorder

Neuropathy patients are often sick and tired of dealing with pain, and anyone who’s suffered from this condition will understand why. Twenty million Americans are living with some form of neuropathy, which can develop after the body’s nervous system suffers some kind of damage.

Neuropathy can stem from a number of different sources, including diabetes, infections and metabolism-related issues. It can be thanks to hereditary factors as well as traumatic injuries. Patients suffering from neuropathy can experience debilitating symptoms including weakness, pain and numbness, particularly in the hands and feet – though it does also affect other areas of the body.

The pain associated with neuropathy presents as a tingling, burning or stabbing sensation. Patients have compared neuropathic foot pain to “walking on sandpaper,” which speaks volumes about the impact this condition can have on a person’s lifestyle.

Luckily, there are ways to relieve — and even reverse — the harmful complications caused by neuropathy. The secret is a functional, multifaceted approach to treatment that can equip the body with the strength and health needed to heal itself, while also taking steps to repair damage to the nerves.

What Can Neuropathy Sufferers Expect from Valhalla’s Treatment?

Similar to your traditional doctor, we’ll address your symptoms in the short term with prescribed medications to ease whatever discomfort you might be feeling. However, our functional approach to healing means we will also identify and address whatever underlying problems could be contributing to your condition. At Valhalla Wellness we don’t focus on targeting symptoms. Instead, we seek to improve the overall health of your body, which in turn will help you heal more efficiently.

A common side effect of neuropathy is tingling, which is due to a lack of blood flow. If untreated, nerves and tissues can begin dying off. To combat this, we adopt the use of a neurostimulator which aids in the growth and regeneration of damaged nerves. We stimulate the affected area, and the improved circulation that results can help extremities come back to life.

We also use leg wraps, which exfoliate the skin to open the pores, which then become a conduit for localized healing. We infuse the area with herbs to facilitate healing in problem areas, bringing relief and repair directly to where it hurts most.

The treatment plan we put together for you will take your genetics, lab results and overall health status into consideration. The program we put you on will suit your needs, and we’ll work with you to make tweaks and adjustments based on your progression.

We also address nutritional needs, via vitamin and herbal supplements. We’ll work to develop the ability of your body to heal itself, beginning on a functional level that targets the causes of your issues instead of only the complications.

Issues Patient Might Face If They Don’t Seek Treatment

Neuropathy is a condition no one should ignore. Treatments that slow or reverse its symptoms can have a promising impact on a patient’s quality of life. On the other hand, untreated neuropathy can lead to serious complications. When you notice symptoms of this condition, it is vital that you speak to a health care provider as soon as possible, as those symptoms could also be indicators of other potentially serious disorders. Only a qualified medical professional can tell you what the root issue is, so delaying a diagnosis can be both unwise and dangerous.

If ignored for too long, neuropathy can lead to:

  • Permanent nerve damage in afflicted areas
  • Issues, like painful sensations and tingling, spreading to new areas as time goes by
  • Walking strength that fades, making mobility more difficult
  • Numbness that grows worse over time
  • Amputation of limbs, in more extreme cases

Why Valhalla’s Programs Stand Apart from the Rest

We’re living in a pharmaceutical world, where much of the funding, as well as most doctors, lean in that direction. Valhalla Wellness strives to show patients another way. We shed light on the value of an integrated, alternative approach to healing that incorporates pharmaceuticals along with holistic methods and varied therapies. Our multifaceted programs allow us to use the best features of different areas of medicine, including traditional and natural remedies along with cutting edge technology for maximum effect.

A “quick fix” approach helps with immediate symptoms, while a functional approach targets the underlying problems. Although we don’t chase down symptoms, complications tend to resolve themselves as the body’s overall health improves. Issues that once were painful enough to keep you in bed all day become an afterthought, and you might be able to stop the medications you thought you’d be taking for life.

Our ultimate goal is to optimize the body’s ability to heal itself. The improved quality of life that results from this means our patients can hope for much more than just the end of their symptoms.

Of course, not everyone is a perfect fit for our treatment plans. A functional approach to healing requires a certain level of commitment. You need to be willing to stick to our program, which isn’t easy — there is a great deal of commitment involved. At Valhalla Wellness, we have resources at our disposal that will help you feel better than you’ve ever felt, but our methods can only work if you’re willing to do whatever it takes to get better. This can mean big changes to your diet and lifestyle, as well as strict supplement regimens. However, if you understand the value of your health, and you’re ready to do what’s necessary to beat your condition, this is a small price to pay for a better, healthier life.

Don’t delay getting help for your neuropathy! Call us today to schedule a consultation so we can start working on the best possible treatment plan for your needs.