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Thyroid Disease and Services

A different approach to treatments for thyroid disease could be the answer you need

Valhalla Wellness

The thyroid gland has many different responsibilities, which makes health issues related to it especially impactful. If you’re suffering from a thyroid-based illness, you could experience a lack of energy and libido, excessive weight gain, and even cosmetic issues like dry skin and hair that keeps falling out. This gland, which influences how fast you burn calories as well as your heart rate, ties directly to your overall sense of well-being. Because of that, thyroid diseases can leave you feeling depressed, which can then make all your other symptoms feel even worse.

You might be taking medications for your thyroid problems, but the medicine isn’t guaranteed to help the way it should. You might not feel like your prescription is really helping, or you might have concerns about the potential for serious side effects.

Regardless of why you may be unhappy with the treatment options currently available to you, fortunately, there’s another way! If you’re tired of being dependent on medication that doesn’t seem to be doing its job, a functional approach to healing could be the solution you need.

Hashimoto's hypothyroidism and breast implants

For individuals with breast implants or who are considering a breast enhancement procedure, it’s essential to be aware of all of the potential risks. Breast implants can put the immune system into a heightened state, triggering inflammation, and increasing the risk of autoimmune disease. In susceptible individuals, an autoimmune disorder known as Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism can be either triggered or exacerbated. Since your thyroid gland controls metabolism and helps to regulate other bodily functions, the consequences of Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism can be severe.

At Valhalla Wellness, we provide skilled and compassionate care to help maintain a healthy, balanced, and functional immune system. With functional medicine, we can help patients prevent and manage Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism and remission from autoimmune disease.

What Is Valhalla Wellness’ Approach to Treating Thyroid Disease?

Our approach to medicine involves multiple disciplines, as our unique programs include a traditional medical doctor, a naturopathic physician, a chiropractic physician and a wide assortment of therapies and supplementations. At Valhalla Wellness, we will address your symptoms with prescribed medications to help in the short-term. While this is happening, we will also target the underlying problems with our functional approach.

Our methods place emphasis on long-term resolutions, and we won’t chase symptoms. Instead, we focus on healing the body and increasing overall wellness. The goal of our treatment program is to optimize your body’s ability to heal itself, which can happen when using the right mixture of functional medical strategies and lifestyle adjustments. When the body is healthier and stronger, many symptoms end up resolving themselves.

We can address even more serious complications in this manner, although some might require more focused attention than others. Regardless of what ails you, a functional approach to healing can improve your body’s health on a cellular, fundamental level.

What Issues Can Arise from Unmanaged Thyroid Problems?

Unpleasant as the symptoms associated with thyroid disease can be, the complications linked with untreated thyroid illnesses can be much worse. An early diagnosis can make a crucial difference in the severity of these issues. However, choosing the right treatments for your needs is also of vital importance. Complications you’re at risk for if you don’t seek out the right help include:

  • Birth defects, if you’re pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Children born to mothers with untreated thyroid problems can be much more likely to have congenital disabilities than infants with healthy mothers. Due to the importance of thyroid hormones in relation to development, defects can include both physical and mental development issues.
  • Heart problems, due to the increased levels of LDL (or bad) cholesterol associated with an under-active This complication can lead to increased risk of heart disease, atherosclerosis and an increased likelihood of heart attack or stroke.
  • Infertility, as thyroid hormones can have a significant impact on ovulation and a woman’s chances of conceiving. Decreased mental function, which couples with depression that worsens over time.

How Valhalla’s Thyroid Treatment Programs Address Your Specific Needs

Our functional approach to medicine takes your needs and health status into account. This means the beginning of your program will involve a heavy focus on analyzing your diet and lifestyle. We’ll turn to lab work to understand the underlying causes of your health issues, before supplementing you with specially formulated vitamin and mineral combinations that will help your health reach new levels. If you’re in need of detoxification (even a heavy-duty version of it), we can include it in your program. Your treatments will reflect your needs, after all.

And although we will prescribe medications to help you over the short-term, our staff will coordinate with your medical doctor to gradually wean you off the medicine, even if you might believe that you’d need it for the rest of your life.

Surgeries don’t always come with a hopeful outlook, and patients who’ve used prescribed medications to no effect and are now faced with impending operations.. have turned to our program and discovered improvement. In some cases, positive results appeared after only a week of treatment, and the need for surgery vanished.

Although your genetics will have an impact on the nature and length of your ideal treatment, more serious issues like thyroid disease could require programs lasting a year or even longer. However, you’re free to begin with a shorter program to see if you truly believe in the treatment’s ability to help you before opting for a longer timeframe.

Don’t Settle for What Isn’t Helping Your Thyroid Issues — Take the Initiative to Get Better Today

Feeling depressed and fearing nothing will ease your condition is no way to live. If the treatments you’ve received aren’t helping you get better, don’t settle for more of the same. There are other options out there, and a functional approach to your health problems can be the solution you need.

Our multifaceted treatment can improve the overall health of your body and provide it with the tools to heal itself, so you can be free of the harmful medications you thought you were stuck with for life. If you’re willing to make the necessary commitment to the program and adjust your lifestyle in a way that will elevate your physical and mental well-being, there’s no reason you can’t achieve the level of health you desire and deserve.

Call us today for a consultation, and get started on the path to a healthier, happier existence.

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