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Blood Testing

Get to the Bottom of Your Symptoms with Blood Testing

Valhalla Wellness

Are you tired of not feeling your best? Having no energy? Having food sensitivities? Feeling anxious and discouraged?

If you’ve been going to your regular doctor to help fix these problems and feel like you’re getting nowhere, we can help.

At Valhalla Wellness, we believe in treating the problem, not just your symptoms. To do this, we have to understand what’s happening on a cellular level. One way to do that is by looking at what’s in your blood. By doing so, we’ll be able to tell if your body systems and organs are functioning properly.

We’ll help you get to the bottom of what’s going on with you by providing a free evaluation of your latest blood test results.

What You’ll Need To Do

If you’ve had a blood test in the last six months, bring us the results. If you haven’t had a recent blood test, we can set up all the tests you’ll need.

What We’ll Do for You

We’ll take the time to understand your lifestyle, medications you take, etc. and use that information and our evaluation of a 52-point blood panel to provide an in-depth analysis of your results. We’ll also give you a report and compare your results to the “normal” clinical ranges, giving you a more in-depth understanding of what healthy ranges really are. Additionally, we’ll provide guidance on lifestyle changes, what supplements you need, foods to avoids, side effects of your medication and then we’ll offer a natural, drug-free solution for you.

How Functional Medicine Lab Testing Differs from Traditional Blood Work

Western medicine establishments are disease-oriented, while integrative practices focused on functional medicine like Valhalla Wellness, are wellness-oriented. When your regular physician, one who practices western medicine, orders blood work, they are assessing your results by looking for an already established disease process. Meaning that they are looking for something that is already there like diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypothyroidism to name a few.

Functional medicine doctors read between the lines by looking for patterns of imbalance that can cause symptoms but have not become a disease yet. The benefits of this are that disease can be prevented and that the patient may not have a disease but is still experiencing chronic symptoms which can be relieved once the cause is identified.

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