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Infrared Sauna

Valhalla Wellness

Keep your body in fat burning mode to keep your weight off for good!

One of our goals at Valhalla Wellness is to help you learn how to trigger fat-burning hormones so that you have leverage over them. Fat-burning hormones work through your liver which is why it’s so important to do a liver cleansing program two to four times a year. One way to cleanse and detoxify your body is by utilizing an infrared sauna.

What is Infrared?

Infrared is the band of light you perceive as heat. You can’t see infrared with the naked eye but you can feel this type of light in the form of heat. Infrared rays heat your body without having to heat the air around you. What are the Benefits of an Infrared Sauna?

Here's Dr. Ian Yamane to explain how an infrared sauna can help you.

How Does an Infrared Sauna Aid Weight Loss?

Calories are heat energy and are used to produce sweat. One gram of sweat requires approximately 0.586 calories. A moderately-conditioned person can easily sweat off 1,000 grams or more in one infrared sauna session. That’s the equivalent of burning more than 600 calories which is like running more than 5 miles! While this weight loss can be regained by rehydration with water, the calories expended in the process will not come back. In addition to burning calories, sweating also allows the body to release built up toxins naturally, even when you are not on a cleansing program.

The Difference Between Infrared Saunas and the Conventional Sauna at the Gym

Conventional saunas transfer heat by circulating hot air to warm your body from your head down. Infrared saunas warm your body indirectly allowing an in-depth heat in a more pleasant temperature providing more health benefits in a more enjoyable environment.

How Does the Infrared Sauna Detox You?

Since the infrared sauna heats from the core and makes us sweat, it removes toxins at a cellular level and uses the body’s natural ability to rid the waste. Detoxing the body has been proven to strengthen the body’s immune system, increase nutrient absorption and help with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune diseases and autism.

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