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Weight Loss Treatments

There are other weight loss treatment options to choose from, but they each come with serious drawbacks that you won’t see with our more functional approach.

Valhalla Wellness

There is no shortage of weight loss treatment options out there, and many of them can help you shed pounds quickly and effectively. Although these methods might seem easier, quick fixes aren’t always going to be the safest route. There are drawbacks to consider, many of which can be serious (or even life threatening). Some of these options can inflict more harm than good, and even the ones that work don’t always produce lasting, dependable results.The most effective weight loss methods are those based on achieving wellness on a fundamental, functional level. Still, you might still feel tempted by the promises made by some of the other options available. For more insight into the potential drawbacks you could be facing, read on for a look at the pros and cons of these weight loss methods.

Diet Pills as a Tool for Weight Loss

In spite of their reputation, diet pills can be useful in the right situation. For people with an overly high body mass index, they can be an effective tool for losing excess weight. Even a small amount of extra weight lost could help avert harmful issues from both a health and a lifestyle standpoint.

Weight loss pills, if used over a short span of time, can also help a person get a head-start on a new diet. The rapid results people sometimes experience when first using pills can be a powerful motivator. However, only people who’ve taken the time to consult with a doctor should consider diet pills.

Diet pills are often accompanied by a host of harmful side effects, beginning with one of the most common (as well as one of the most dangerous): dependence. Taking diet pills can be a habit-forming activity, and users can find themselves both physically and emotionally dependent on them after prolonged use.

These pills can also cause a serious disruption of your natural metabolism! This is why many people lose a limited amount of weight when using only diet pills. Pills that suppress your appetite lead to the consumption of fewer calories, which in turn can bring down the speed of your metabolism over time.

Some dieting supplements available via prescription or over the counter might carry serious health risks. Side effects include increased chances of stroke, heart attacks, seizures and high blood pressure. You never know how your body will react to a new drug, which means it is critical to consult with a doctor before beginning a pill regimen. It’s also important to keep an eye out for better — and safer — alternatives.

Strict Dieting to Shed Extra Pounds

Dieting is one of the fundamental aspects of weight loss programs. So it’s no surprise that some doctors recommend a stricter version of dieting as a means of effectively losing weight. By cutting down on the calories consumed, a person could burn more of their body fat instead of using energy from the food they eat. Since there is no surgery or diet pill use, this tactic for achieving weight loss might seem very promising, particularly if mixed with an exercise plan. However, a focus on fat-burning only isn’t enough to make strict dieting a favorable option, even if this tactic looks good in theory.

Even if a person has the discipline required to cut their daily calorie consumption in half (or even more, in some cases), a diet of this nature will eventually leave their body lacking certain vitamins and minerals. Additionally, they will be missing the types of fat that are healthy and should be a part of any nutritional diet.

Beyond that, strict diets permit only a limited product selection, which doesn’t help a person improve their overall eating habits. In fact, it is common to see participants eating poorly once the diet is over. This effectively undoes whatever weight loss they managed to achieve. Nutritious, flexible diets that fit seamlessly into your lifestyle will always be more effective, particularly when paired with exercise and other good habits. Plus, losing weight too rapidly can actually be harmful and pose dangers to your body. A more gradual loss of excess weight, aside from being more sustainable for the long-term, is both safer and healthier.

Losing Excess Weight with Surgery

Weight loss surgeries typically bring about the most dramatic results of any of the available options. Various types of bariatric surgeries can facilitate tremendous weight loss. Patients who choose this method will experience as much as half of their total weight loss within the first six months following the procedure.

This rapid loss of excess body fat can give way to speedy recoveries from conditions associated with being overweight, like high blood pressure and sleep apnea. Patients have even seen a reversal of diabetic symptoms in the aftermath of weight loss surgery. In some cases, the results are long lasting (if not permanent).

Although the benefits of weight loss surgery might be tempting for people who believe they have limited options at their disposal, there are significant risks involved. As with all surgeries, there will always be the chance of something going wrong — blood clots and infections are the most common issues. Also, the rapid weight loss people experience after surgery is very likely to lead to gallstones. Other risks, specific to this type of surgery, include:

  • After gastric bypass surgery, you risk not absorbing enough nutrients from food due to it passing quickly through the digestive tract.
  • Gastric banding has unique risks, including the chances of the band slipping or leaking. This can lead to extreme pain that only additional surgery can alleviate.
  • Gastric sleeves are irreversible and involve the use of staples. The staples can leak, causing serious infections. The stomach can also eventually return to its original size if the individual doesn’t stick to a proper diet following surgery.

A Functional Approach to Weight Loss Is the Best Way to Avoid All These Drawbacks

The weight loss methods detailed above can only work to their fullest potential if you’re willing to make certain lifestyle changes. However, if you make those changes as part of a program that focuses on improving your overall health, you can avoid every single one of the drawbacks listed here. By doing what is necessary to improve your health and well-being, you can achieve the body you’ve always wanted for yourself.

At Valhalla Wellness, we can help you strengthen your body’s ability to take care of itself by healing it on a cellular level. Weight loss will happen as your underlying issues resolve, and your specialized program will fit your specific needs. If there are issues preventing weight loss, we will conduct tests to discover what they are and how best to beat them. In other words, if you’re willing to make the necessary changes, we won’t stop until you achieve the weight loss you deserve.

Call us today for a consultation, and get started on the path to good health without the risks.

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