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Weight Loss Services

What makes Valhalla Wellness’ weight loss services better than those available through other providers?

People seeking weight loss services often do so out of frustration and a need for something different. For many, previous attempts at slimming down have led nowhere in a hurry. Many people also have anxiety as they know they’re likely facing future problems.

For some, weight gain came along unexpectedly, after pregnancy or once they reached a certain age. For others, it's an issue that has plagued them for years. Regardless of the way it occurs, being overweight can be a heavy burden on anyone's lifestyle.

Beyond leading to knee and back pain, as well as more serious ailments, it can negatively impact all aspects of a person’s life. Everything from your career to your social life can suffer due to being overweight, but Valhalla is here to show you another way. We can help you achieve the weight loss you desire, regardless of what may not have worked in the past. Our functional approach to medicine and wellness can bring about results that will improve your health in every way.

How Does Valhalla Help Patients Lose Weight?

Our functional approach to medicine means that to us, weight loss is a side effect. We differ from typical weight loss programs, as our focus is on your underlying problem instead of only trying to help you shed pounds. Our treatment will strengthen your body, and as we resolve the contributing issues, symptoms like weight gain tend to resolve as well.

When healing on a cellular level occurs, people who aren’t feeling well in addition to being overweight can slim down while experiencing improved health across the board. There could even be a connection between the underlying issues and other symptoms as well! This makes weight loss only one out of countless potential benefits a functional approach to treatment can achieve.

Our programs will strengthen your body with exercises, lifestyle changes and herbal remedies. In-house therapies, which include whole body vibration, concentrated oxygen, Infrared saunas, and even pulse electromagnetic therapy all facilitate the healing process. We couple these strategies with vitamin and mineral supplements that optimize your body’s fat burning hormones and help boost your metabolism.

Accepting Being Overweight Isn’t Worth the Risk

Losing weight isn’t only a way to get back your energy and self-confidence. It’s also an important step for people aiming to avoid future complications down the line. Many serious health issues are more likely to manifest themselves if you’re overweight.

Weight loss is particularly advantageous when it occurs as an accompaniment to an overall improvement of your health. This factor helps demonstrate the value of our approach to wellness.Failing to take the initiative to shed your excess pounds and strive for a healthier body can lead to an increased risk for many serious issues, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart disease
  • High blood pressure
  • Stroke
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Sleep apnea

Although not everyone who is overweight will suffer from these complications, carrying excess weight will increase the likelihood of them occurring. Additionally, genetics will play a role in determining your risk levels. If conditions like these run in your family, taking steps to lose weight becomes even more critical for your long-term health.

The Flexibility of Our Weight Loss Programs

Challenging as it can be to take the initiative to get better, you won’t be facing your obstacles alone. With Valhalla Wellness, there will always be support. We have knowledgeable wellness coaches on staff who have experience helping people in your situation. You will receive ongoing guidance as you work toward achieving better health. Also, there is no risk of feeling pigeonholed into a plan that might not suit your preferences as our plan is customized for you.

On average, people lose 25 to 30 pounds over the course of our 12-week program. If you aren’t convinced a program of that length is suitable for you, there is also a 5-week “starter” program available. Patients who opt for that can lose 10-15 pounds — a fantastic head start for someone striving to get healthier.

The majority of patients who join our weight loss programs have found success because we’re addressing the underlying problem to handle the extra weight. If you don’t want all aspects of the program (you might prefer only therapy or vitamins and supplements), we will be more than happy to accommodate you.

If you fail to lose weight as quickly as you hoped, there could be other factors preventing weight loss. Whether it’s genetic or health-related, we can perform lab work to identify the issues and address them. We can design your program to mesh with your specific needs and situation.

Are You Ready to Let Valhalla Wellness Help You Lose Weight, Look Better and Feel Healthier?

Although our prime objective will always be to ensure you’re healthy on a cellular level, we also offer body sculpting services. Our lipo-laser can help reduce your waistline anywhere from 3 to 10 inches over the course of a month. It’s necessary to lose an appropriate amount of weight first, but once you achieve that, we can help you with the unsightly issues that take a toll on anyone’s confidence. We can address everything from bra bulge to muffin top to love handles. Coupled with the weight loss you’ll achieve with our program, the results might surprise you.

Whether you’re looking to lose weight for health purposes or to feel better about yourself, Valhalla Wellness can help you meet your goals. Regardless of the length of the program you desire, our unique, functional approach to health and wellness can change your life. During your first visit with us, we’ll explore your various options and determine if our treatments are right for you. The sooner you come see us, the sooner you can begin your journey to a healthier, happier version of yourself!

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