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Diabetes Program – Stefan

"My doctor said that I have diabetes and I was just very, you know, depressed and overweight and all kinds of other problems.

Went to the first meeting with Dr. Yamane and they said you can get rid of diabetes. Which I thought was impossible. Got into the program.

Six months later I've lost over forty five pounds. Is it easy? No, it's not easy you have to really change your lifestyle, if to want to change your lifestyle.

I have much more endurance and physical energy. I never was able to run more than like ten meters and now I can run two miles. Not run but I can certainly jog. And I'm gonna do my first 5k marathon in November.

Today, I got my blood back and I am now pre-diabetic. So I'm cured so to speak, but I have to keep doing what I have been doing with diet and the supplements and things like that.

Staff here, great. Dianna was great. She was like my coach and would tell me, “you know do this; you're doing that right; I am doing fine” and check me every week.

I've got energy. I feel better. My numbers are good and I'm looking forward to enjoying the rest of my life and thanks to the Valhalla Center."


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