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Depression Services and Treatment Options

Are you suffering from depression? Do you feel sad or unmotivated? Have you lost interest in many of the things that used to bring you joy? You may be dealing with a major mood disorder that’s affecting your quality of life.

For many years, depression was a condition no one talked about. Those suffering from depression suffered silently. At Valhalla Wellness, there’s no stigma associated with depression. We are committed to easing your suffering and helping you restore your positive outlook on life.

A Functional Medicine Approach to Depression

Valhalla Wellness

The symptoms of depression have long been defined. But the root cause as to why it develops remains somewhat of a mystery even to the most seasoned medical practitioners. 

A doctor's diagnosis could indicate that the problem was caused by the patient's biological differences, changes in his or her brain chemistry, unbalanced hormones, or even inherited traits.

Holistic health care practitioners like our team of physicians at Valhalla Wellness employ a functional medicine approach to depression. We start with an assessment to learn more about you: your lifestyle, your overall diet, potential chemical disorders in your body and if you are pre-disposed to depression due to genetics. We do extensive blood testing and/or saliva testing to determine what is going on chemically or genetically.

We also know that depression may be caused by a damaged gastrointestinal tract.

Treating Gut Problems to Address Depression

The gastrointestinal tract serves as our body's second brain. The brain and the gut constantly communicate with each other through the vagus nerve. When the gut fails to send good signals to the brain due to health issues like irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn's disease, and indigestion, the brain is affected in the long run. The brain's neurotransmitters that make us feel good (like serotonin and dopamine), start to diminish.

An unhealthy gut causes an unhealthy brain. When our brain is unhealthy, the way we think changes. As the brain gets fogged, mental diseases like depression and anxiety develop.

The first step to treating depression with functional medicine is to determine whether you, the patient, suffer from gut problems too. If you do, then the right course of action is to address the intestinal issue first. Remedies are administered to clear out all the bad bugs and optimize digestion. If you have a lot of toxins in your system, our infrared sauna will help to clear things out as well. Once the problem in the gut is addressed, you’ll naturally start to feel better, and your mood is elevated as well.

While the gut is healing, we also focus on brain support. Herbal formulations are prescribed to increase the dopamine and serotonin levels in the brain. This addresses the blood-brain barrier that causes leaks in the gut and brain. To further enhance healing, our team of holistic health practitioners may also prescribe lifestyle changes, proper diet, and adequate supplementation.​

Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency Therapy​

One of the most effective therapies to treat depression is Pulsed Electro-magnetic Frequency or PEMF. The FDA approved this therapy in 2011 for use on patients who don't respond well to antidepressants. PEMF therapy introduces a low frequency electromagnetic field designed to recharge the cells of the body and increase their ability to absorb nutrients and remove toxins.

Based on our assessment of your overall health, our physicians may recommend PEMF as part of your treatment as it helps to regenerate nerve flow and heal cellular damage.

Here’s how PEMF works: the patient’s brain is stimulated by weak magnetic pulses, called the transcranial pulsed electro-magnetic field. This helps alter mood and reduce depression and anxiety. One to two therapy sessions each day are recommended for two or more weeks.

PEMF is also widely used by orthopedic surgeons for their post-surgical treatments. It effectively stimulates the speedy recovery of fractured bones.

Depression as a Secondary Issue​

Many of our patients don't realize they are suffering from depression until they come in to see us for an entirely different issue. People come to Valhalla Wellness for help with their diabetes, weight gain, neuropathy (and more) only to realize that they are suffering from mild depression as well. Treating depression with functional medicine becomes the next step.

During diagnosis, their health practitioner will ask the patient if they also suffer from anxiety. Then they may discover that the patient has problems in the gut or other related issues. Whatever the case, our patients get treated for all their health issues and not just their primary concern.

Valhalla Wellness uses an effective functional medicine approach to depression. Our patients report better mood, restored interest and happiness in their lives and less anxiety. If you are ready to regain hope and feel better, contact us for a free consultation today.